Mindanao Nurturing our watersMindaNOW is an integrative development initiative that aims to institutionalize the sustainable development and management of Mindanao’s natural resources. It emphasizes ecological value, capitalizes water as the most critical resource for human survival and optimizes full potentials of natural resources without compromising its carrying capacity.

The Mindanao Nurturing Our Waters is a banner program of the Mindanao 2020: Peace and Development Framework . ​

  • An integrated set of development interventions anchored on sustainable development framework;
  • Adopts the river basin and watershed as the key platforms for planning; and,
  • Sets guidance for Mindanao that will emphasize ecological value, capitalize water as the most critical resource for human survival and optimize the full potentials of the river basins and watersheds without necessarily compromising its carrying capacity.

Main Objective:

  • To provide an enabling environment to facilitate achieving sustainable economic development and environmental integrity
  • To integrate Mindanao-wide and interregional plans, programs and harmonize approaches/ processes to rationalize resources, and mechanisms for the development and management of river basins and watersheds in Mindanao
  • To build a Mindanao Save Water Development Constituency that will uphold and sustain a sustainable Mindanao

1. Institutional Development and Capacity Building 

  • Establishment of a River Basin Project Management Office
  • Strengthening of River Basin Organizations
  • Strengthening LGU mechanisms for River Basin Development and Management
  • Capacity Building on Disaster Risk Reduction, Environmental Security, Reducing Disaster Vulnerability & Developing Resiliency

2. Plan Integration & Harmonization 

  • Physical Framework Plan
  • Land Use Plan 
  • Ancestral Domain Sustainable Development and Protection Plan
  • National and Local Plans 
  • Sectoral Plans 

3. Knowledge Management 

  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Information and Education Campaign
  • Systems Development through Geographic Information System (GIS)

4. River Basin and Watershed Management 

  • Tri-people and multi-sectoral collaboration and participation 
  • Reforestation and protection 
  • Enabling infrastructures, R&D, S&T
  • Eco-friendly industries and services (e.g ecotourism, power, agro-industry)
  • Sustainable agriculture and fisheries  production for food security
  • Support to vulnerable communities

5. Policy Review, Development, Advocacy & Implementation 

  • Legislations and ordinances 
  • Advocacy 
  • Wholistic policy implementation

6. Constituency Building 

  • Partnership and Collaboration
  • Alliances and Coalition Building
  • Linkaging and Networking

  • Institutionalized Mindanao Economic and Environment Committee
  • Institutionalized River Basin and Watershed Organizations 
  • Integrated Mindanao Ecosytems- based Physical Framework Plan 
  • Rationalized Land Use, River Basin/Watershed Plans, ADSDPP, DRRM(including vulnerability assessment), CCA and other Sectoral Plans 
  • Master Plan for Major River Basins and Watersheds in Mindanao 
  • Mindanao Environment Database 
  • Updated Mindanao Topographic Map 
  • MindaNOW Investment Program 
  • Facilitate the proclamation of Protected Areas 
  • Strategic Policy and Research Agenda 
  • Development and Implementation of Payments  for Environmental Services 


MindaNOW is inviting advocates to support the various environmental programs and projects for Mindanao.  Join our Advocacy!