MinDA, in collaboration with government agencies, private sector and donor partners particularly its strong partnership with key national line agencies such as DPWH, DOTC, PPA, DA, NIA, and DOT has helped facilitate the endorsement and funding of major road projects under the corridors that were identified together with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) amounting to billions.

The projects include:
a. Php2.248 billion Zamboanga West Coast Road
b. Php1.261 billion Zamboanga del Sur Coastal Road
c. Php 1.123 billion Glan-Sarangani Coastal Road
d. Php1.08 billion Davao del Norte – Bukidnon Road
e. Php701 million Compostela-Davao Oriental Road
f. Php1.08 billion CDO-Talakag-Camp Kabaitan Road
g. Php1.6 billion Butuan-CDO-Iligan Road High Standard Road
h. Php739 million Palimbang-Kalamansig Coastal Road

These projects are currently being implemented by the DPWH Regional Offices in coordination with MinDA. Roads leading to tourism destination areas, ports and airports, and farm to market roads were also monitored in coordination with the concerned LGUs, DOT, DPWH, DOTC and DA.
MinDA's coordination efforts at the national, regional, and provincial levels through participation in various meetings, consultations and monitoring activities have helped facilitate the approval of the following Mindanao-wide projects, including key regional projects but with interregional impact:

Php5.087 billion Panguil Bay Bridge Project approved by the NEDA Board with initial funding of Php100 million for the Road Right of Way (RROW), which is now for detailed engineering by the DPWH.

Feasibility Study of the Mindanao Railways System (MRS) - The MRS project consists of six (6) segments that will span the entire Mindanao (total length of approximately 1672 km) providing a dramatic bid to boost the economic development of the resources-rich but underdeveloped region.

Mindanao River Basin Flood Control Projects (Php1.22 billion under the 2014 DPWH GAA and Php990 million for 2015) - MinDA was able to get DPWH support and funding commitment for the Php9.5 Billion MRB flood control projects, namely:

1. Rio Grande De Mindanao Siltation Control – Ph Php.143 billion
2. Integrated Tamontaka River and Rio Grande de Mindanao
Protective Dikes Project – Php 2.051 billion
3. Buluan River Control System – Php 1.288 billion
4. Pulangui River Flood Control System, including Repair of Tungol Bridge – Php 673 Million
5. Ambal-Simuay River Flood Control System – Php 1.634 million
6. Ala River Flood Control System – Php 743 million

Php18.99 billion Davao Port Modernization Project - Various meetings convened by MinDA with key stakeholders including private-sector prompted DOTC to consider reviewing the original scope of work of the project based on the proposal/study conducted by the Philippine Ports Authority. 
  • Social and agriculture components of the Malitubog-Maridagao
  • Phase II Irrigation Project in the amount of Php 6.9 billion
  • Timaco Port in Cotabato City amounting to Php 959 million
  • General Santos Aerotropolis (Php 959 million)
  • Ozamiz Airport (Php 695 million)
  • Sanga-Sanga Airport (Php 248 million)
MinDA facilitated the validation, submission and endorsement of projects in Mindanao amounting to Php517.7 million for funding under TIEZA. Projects in the Bangsamoro especially in the island provinces of Basilan, Sulu, and Taw-tawi were finalized and prioritized under the Mindanao Development Corridors and the Bangsamoro Development Plan Phase II. MinDA also helped facilitate the resolution of issues of key infra projects in the region including the Gensan Makar Port, Gensan Aerotropolis, Zamboanga Ecozone International Port, Sasa Port Modernization in Davao, and Lapuyan Port in Zamboanga.

In terms of recent international development partner engagement, MinDA is partnering with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) for the implementation of “Strengthening Institutions for Investments in Mindanao – Small Scale Capacity Development Technical Assistance” Project, which will include the preparation of the South-Central Mindanao Development Corridor Study as one of the outputs of the CB package. MinDA is also working with ADB and DPWH for the Improving National Roads for Inclusive Growth in Mindanao Project (INRIGMP) as well as a review the functional roles and complementation of gateways in South-Central Mindanao with