Mindanao must change. This is an imperative aspired for by every well-meaning citizen of Mindanao.  The pockmarked and turbulent history of Mindanao that is marred by division, dashed hopes, fear and frustration must give way to a future marked by unity, optimism, pride and contentment. This is a future that will not come to Mindanao from without, but one that Mindanawons must work together to secure for themselves under an empowering national governance environment.

Mindanao Strategic Development Framework


This need for a better future for Mindanao and its people is the impetus for the formulation of the Peace and Development Framework Plan for Mindanao, timeframe 2011-2030 (Mindanao 2020), which was spearheaded by the Mindanao Development Authority (MinDA). The process was designed and undertaken in a highly participatory process, consisting of countless forums, workshops, focus group discussions, interviews, surveys and consult of writings in various forms; to forge ownership, hence strengthen support and commitment to plan implementation.

Mindanao 2020 covers the next 20 years up to the year 2030. The name connotes a clear vision for the future, one that is not difficult for Mindanawons to define in the context of their long history of peculiar difficulties and challenges. Mindanao 2020 is, at the outset, envisioned to provide a holistic and multi-dimensional framework, with greater emphasis than heretofore given to Mindanao history, culture and social development. As a plan for both peace and development, it aims to integrate the work from a wider range of disciplines than previously undertaken, and by a wider range of social factors.

As a framework plan, Mindanao 2020 is not intended to be a detailed blueprint, but a guide that puts in coherent form the aspirations and imperatives expressed and espoused by Mindanawons regardless of ethno-cultural, sectoral and socioeconomic backgrounds; sets general directions; defines broad strategies; and identifies a number of key concrete initiatives for the short, medium and long term, without any claims for comprehensiveness or exhaustiveness. As such, it will serve as basis for more detailed plans and budgets of shorter duration within its 20-year time frame. It will also help guide more geographically specific regional or local plans to ensure consistency and coherence within a Mindanao-wide perspective. Notwithstanding its intent to be a broad long-term framework, it also captures, out of respect for the participatory process undertaken, a number of specific and shorter-term initiatives that were espoused by Mindanawons in various consultations.