To all interested Bidders, we are pleased to inform you of the following bidding activities being conducted by the Mindanao Development Authority for CY 2022, you may download copies of the Bidding documents or Request for Quotations for more information of the project.


Date Published  Name of Project  Approved ABC  Pre-Bid Conference  Deadline for submission  Downloadable Bidding Document/RFQ Remarks
23-May-2022 Public Bidding for the MinDA Office Repair and Improvement  Php22,799,817.50


10:00AM at Mindanao Development Authority, 14th Floor Pryce Building, Pryce Business Park, JP Laurel Avenue, Davao City

Open only to prospective bidders who were able to pay for the Bidding Documents in the amount of P25,000.00


not later than 9:30am

Late Bids shall not be accepted

Bidding Document - Infra 

Drawings/Plans are available at BAC Secretariat

20-May-2022 Subscription of Videoconferencing Account Pho120,000.00 not applicable 25-May-2022 / 5pm RFQ OPEN
05-May-2022 Supply and Delivery of T-Shirt and Canvas Bag Php275,000.00 not applicable 10-May-2022 / 5pm CLOSED CLOSED
05-May-2022 Supply and Delivery of Customized Plaque of Appreciation Php80,000.00 not applicable 10-May-2022 / 12NOON CLOSED CLOSED
04-Apr-2022 Supply and Delivery of Various Office Supplies Php243,095.00 not applicable 08-Apr-2022 CLOSED CLOSED
 04-Apr-2022 Supply and delivery of various Kits Php267,500.00 not applicable  08-Apr-2022 CLOSED CLOSED
19-Mar-2022 Supply and delivery of Monobloc Chair Php72,000.00 not applicable 23-Mar-2022 CLOSED CLOSED
18-Mar-2022 Supply and Delivery of Motor Vehicle Php64,400.00 not applicable 18-Mar-2022 CLOSED CLOSED
08-Feb-2022 Printing of Olutanga Island Development Framework Plan Php230,000.00 not applicable 14-Feb-2022 CLOSED CLOSED
07-Feb-2022 Supply and delivery of Six (6) Units Satellite Phones Php234,000.00 not applicable 11-Feb-2022 CLOSED CLOSED
02-Feb-2022 Supply and delivery of purified bottled water Php100,000.00 not applicable 07-Feb-2022 CLOSED CLOSED
Invitation to Bid for the Provision of Janitorial Services FY 2022

04-Feb-2022 / 9:00AM

Online videoconferencing:

16-February-2022 / 12:00noon
Invitation to Bid for theProvision of Security Services FY 2022 

 04-Feb-2022 / 10:00AM

Online videoconferencing:

 16-February-2022 / 12:00noon